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U.S.C. Specialise in Polishing Aircraft. As we all know, Aircraft are very expensive - and so is Repainting them! Regularly protecting the paintwork on your investment under a 'Appearance Maintenance Programme' makes good economic sense.We are Proudly the only "Civil Aviation Safety Authority" (C.A.S.A.) Licensed and approved Aircraft Polishing business permanently based at Jandakot Airport Western Australia.

Our Goal is to keep your Aircraft paintwork Protected and in the Best possible condition, year after year. In order to accomplish this, we are very stringent in the use of any commonly used 'Cutting Compound's'. In the wrong hands - they unnecessarily remove valuable paint and potentially cause damage! Therefore, for this very reason, we only carefully use Aircraft approved "Mild" formula's that Gently remove Oxidation & dullness and restore Shine without detriment to the Paint work."We want Your Repeat Business!"

To be continued...................